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In its report for Fiscal Year 2020, the Ohio Domestic Violence Network states that 109 people died in the state as the result of domestic violence. That is an increase of 35% from the previous year. The situation is getting worse, not better.

Perhaps you are a victim of domestic violence and are ready to get out of your current situation, but doing so is not easy — emotionally, physically, or financially. People who find the courage to stand up to their abusers can use the law to help protect them while they transition to a life free of domestic violence. Having a family law and domestic violence attorney on your side is a solid first step.

At Heckert & Moreland Co., LPA, we help victims of domestic violence seek safety by aggressively using the law while treating our clients with compassion. If you live in Columbus or anywhere in Central Ohio, let our team help you move toward a better, safer life.

Domestic Violence in Ohio

Domestic violence takes many forms. The common link is someone’s need to exert control over others using physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, destruction of property, threatening harm, or even mistreating family pets.

Ohio law defines domestic violence as harming or threatening to harm any family or household member. That can include anyone you live with or have lived with. Victims include spouses, romantic partners, former spouses, children, parents, foster parents, and extended family members. The perpetrator of domestic violence is someone who has:

  • Attempted to cause or recklessly caused you bodily injury
  • Causes fear of immediate, serious physical danger by threatening harm
  • Stalked the accuser
  • Trespassed with intent to cause harm
  • Commits child abuse
  • Commits a sexual offense

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What to Do if You’re a
Victim of Domestic Abuse

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, act immediately to protect yourself and others. You should:

  • Call the police if you are in immediate harm
  • Get to safety by going to a law enforcement office, hotel, or the home of a family member or friend (Don’t let the abuser know where you are)
  • File a petition for a Temporary Ex Parte Protection Order
  • Hire an experienced family law attorney to represent you
  • Communicate with your employer if you need to advise them of work absence related to domestic violence or of any terms of orders of protection
  • File for a Civil Protection Order to protect you from the person who has abused or threatened you (You can also file for a protection order on behalf of minor children)

What Can Protection Orders Do?

There are two types of protection orders you can seek in Ohio:

  1. Temporary Ex Parte Protection Order — This can be granted by a judge the same day you file a petition and lasts until the completion of a court hearing for a civil protection order
  2. Civil Order of Protection — This may be granted for a period of up to five years. If the order is entered against someone 18 years of age or younger, it lasts only until the person’s 19th birthday, at which time it can be extended if needed.

Either order of protection may do the following, depending upon your particular circumstances:

  • Order the abuser to stop abusing, harassing, and annoying you
  • Order them to have no contact with you or your children
  • Prohibit them from entering your home, school, place of business or employment, or those of your children
  • Evict the abuser from the home and give you possession of the residence, even if it is owned by the abuser
  • Grant you custody of your children
  • Require the abuser to pay monthly support, rent/mortgage, and utilities
  • Require them to see a counselor
  • Prohibit them from removing, harming, hiding, or otherwise getting rid of any animal you own or possess
  • Provide permission for your use of cars and other possessions
  • Require wireless service providers to transfer accounts and billing to you for your service and that of your minor children
  • Grant any other reasonable relief as the court sees fit

Don’t Face Your Challenges Alone

Domestic violence is terrifying. The power someone uses or threatens to use against you physically or emotionally can make you feel small and helpless. You need an experienced domestic violence attorney on your side to stand up to them and help you navigate the process of taking your life back.  

Our team treats clients with compassion while using our knowledge and experience to use the full force of the law to protect you from the abuser in your life. We have helped clients in Columbus and throughout Central Ohio take back control and we are ready to help you.

Domestic Violence Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

If you are ready to walk away from an abuser and walk toward a safer life, don’t wait. Call us at Heckert & Moreland Co., LPA right now to take the first step. Don’t allow yourself to continue to be victimized. If you are in need of help against domestic violence in the Columbus area, or throughout Central Ohio, call or reach out to our office today.